3 Best Pencil Eyeliners for Sensitive Eyes


Do you have sensitive eyes? Do you not like make up with fragrance added in them? Do you know whether your eyes are sensitive to eyeliners? If you say yes to any of these question, this article is right for you.

In this article, we will provide guidelines and recommend few products that have less chemicals added in them. Please note that the purpose of this article is to guide you to find the right product, and not solve allergic issues you might have.

If you feel like your body has allergic reaction to any of the makeup products, we advise that you see your dermatologist or a medical professional right away.

Here are top 3 eyeliners that we recommend for sensitive eyes.

Better’n Ur Eyes Natural Eyeliner

Eyeliner highlights:

  1. hypoallergenic for sensitive eyes
  2. Smooth
  3. Vegan/cruelty free
  4. Gluten Free
  5. Paraben free
  6. All natural

Buy on amazon for $17.99

Eco Bella Natural Soft Eyeliner Pencil

Eyeliner Highlights

  1. organic, Cruelty free, and eco friendly
  2. Vegan/Gluten/Petroleum free
  3. Created by using a unique combination of dermatology, alternate medicine, and nutrition.
  4. All natural
  5. Committed to Environmental stewardship

Buy on amazon for $18.99

INIKA Certified organic Eye Pencil

Eyeliner highlights:

  1. Hypoallergenic for sensitive eyes
  2. Organic coconut oil for added softness
  3. Special Easy-Glide formula
  4. Rich and creamy – lasts all day.
  5. Certified Vegan and cruelty free
  6. All natural

Buy on amazon for $22

Trying to find best pencil eyeliners for sensitive eyes is not an easy task. Once you are aware of the allergy you have and what triggers it, you can buy eyeliners which do not consist of those products. Or, you can try some eyeliners which were specifically made for sensitive eyes like mentioned above.

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