5 Ways you Can Prevent Dry Lips During Winter


Chapped lips can be annoying and painful. If you do not take care of your lips, you could get blister breakouts and bleeding lips.

Winter air is very dry in general, so your lips are usually wind-chilled and dry most of the times. Believe it or not, it is very tricky to take care of lips during winter and most people seem to not pay a lot of attention to their lips.

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We have put together the 5 most important things you must follow and understand while taking care of your lips during winter. This article is specifically for lips but we have an exclusive story on this blog about how to take care of your skin during winter.

1. Chapstick is your friend

I cannot stress enough about the importance of a lip balm or a chap stick to take care of your dry and chapped lips. Especially while going out, you must use it. The cold air outside has a lot of chance to cause dry skin and chapped lips. But be very careful about the types of chapsticks you use. Try to avoid flavorful chapsticks as they don’t add any value on the lipsticks. To be honest, a flavored lip balm can trigger people to lick their lips more often without even realizing it.

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2. Lips biting can cause severe damage to your lips

You know what I’m talking about when I say stop biting your lips. It’s a very bad habit, and I can’t seem to get rid of this habit myself . When you bite your lips, often times, you tend to peel off thin covering of your lips making things worse. If you bite your lips regularly, you can severely damage your lips. So, avoid biting your lips in general.

3. Don’t lick your lips

licking your lips can dry lips out as it removes the oily layer on your skin. I’ve heard people say “Licking can help with chapped lips.” However, according to the Dermatology Clinic, licking your lips can actually make things worse.

4. Use humidifier when you are in the room during winter

During winters, air quality in the room might not be good enough to provide moisture to the air causing your lips to be dry. Use humidifiers to replenish and provide moisture to you skin during your sleep. Make sure to get humidifiers that are easy to use and provide good moisture to the air in the room.

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5. Stay hydrated and eat healthy food

Staying hydrated is one of the most effective ways to prevent dry lips. Drink plenty of water throughout the day. This helps your overall body to stay hydrated thus reducing chances of getting dry lips in the first place. Same thing goes with the food that you eat. Try eating healthy food and a balance diet as well.

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