51 Christmas Stocking Stuffer gift ideas for all


It’s the most wonderful time of the year again!!! I love shopping around for my family and friends for the holidays. It is usually easy for me to think of gift ideas, but the part where I get confused is stocking stuffers. I realized that I am always debating on the items that I can put in the stockings. So, I sat down and came up with a list of stocking stuffers which has made my shopping much easier.

I want to share my list of Christmas stocking stuffers so that it can be helpful for other people as well. This is a combined list of 51 Christmas stocking stuffer gift ideas for all:

  1. Magnetic Mount
  2. Potty Smell Remover
  3. Chapstick
  4. Nailpolish
  5. Lipstick
  6. Mascara
  7. Bath bomb
  8. Hand Sanitizer
  9. Shot glasses
  10. Fridge Magnet
  11. Mini Candles
  12. Car Air Freshener
  13. Luggage Tag
  14. Salt & Pepper Holder
  15. Measuring Spoon Set
  16. Men’s After Shave Cream
  17. Mini Perfumes
  18. Incense
  19. UNO Game
  20. Wine Opener
  21. Rubix Cube
  22. Playing Cards
  23. Metal Drinking Straws
  24. Tie
  25. Shoe Smell Eliminator Balls
  26. Passport Holder
  27. Belt
  28. Socks
  29. Scarf
  30. Ear Muffs
  31. Leggings
  32. Books
  33. Mini Travel Toiletry Set
  34. Makeup Remover
  35. Essential Oils
  36. Hair Ties
  37. Hair Clips
  38. Suspenders
  39. Lotions
  40. Soaps
  41. Makeup Brushes
  42. Earrings
  43. Gift Cards
  44. Mini Manicure Set
  45. Chocolates
  46. Chewing Gums
  47. Small Snack Packs
  48. Back Scratcher
  49. Beanie
  50. Phone Case
  51. Gloves

I hope this list was helpful to you. Please let us know in the comment section about your favorite stocking stuffers.

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