Hi there!
Welcome to my blog. My name is Sanjita Thapa. I was born and brought up in Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. After completing high school, I moved to the States and funny enough, I live close to the capital of The United States of America.

People find me loving, caring and to be an upbeat, self-motivated person. I am an ordinary girl with an eagerness to learn more about beauty, health, and lifestyle that we all like to learn about. I am an IT professional living in the suburbs of Northern Virginia .

Why am I blogging?

I have started this website to post blogs about the things that are interesting to me hoping that they might be interesting and helpful to you as well. I try to be more authentic and be original in all my posts on this site. I have been always fascinated by the world of wellness, body care, and various lifestyles. I write about things that I learned in the past whether they are from my own experiences or from the experiences of the people around me. I am a true believer of “Sharing is caring” philosophy. In addition, my husband also contributes to this site by sharing his knowledge in various aspects of life.

Fun fact about this site

This site used to be called and I soon realized that makeup wasn’t the only thing I was interested in. In general, I write about beauty (BE), health(HE), and lifestyle(LI) in this site. As you can see, I grabbed two initial letters of each of the categories that I would like to write about to form the name of this site. BE-HE-LI doesn’t have any other meaning in my knowledge.

My all-time favorite reads

Three Cups of Tea: One Man’s Mission to Promote Peace – One School at a Time
When Breath Becomes Air
The Bright Hour: A Memoir of Living and Dying

Sounds crazy, but I question everything. The phrases “Why” and “How” are my favorite words. By the way, why are you on this website? How did you get here?