Brain to Brain Communication: Talk to Anyone Without Speaking a Single Word


Disclaimer: This article is my honest opinion about the B2B communication and how this technology could help human kind.

I have been thinking a lot about whether a brain to brain communication is possible or not. I presented a draft to one of my networking class professors during my undergrad in 2010. It’s been a long time, but I just can’t seem to get rid of the thoughts that come in my mind in this future of communication technology that can solve some real issues facing the world right now.

Blockchain, AI, autonomous robo taxis are already here, but one thing that technologists and scientists haven’t been able to figure out is our brain. Trying to understand the brain might be like trying to touch the sky, but if we can only understand a certain piece of it, that should be enough for us to enable brain to brain communication technology.

Machine learning and AI techs are already unfolding the capabilities of neural networks and natural language processing stuffs; how long do we wait until we have a full-blown working Brain to Brain Technology. We are starting to scratch a surface right now, and I believe that we will get there soon.

But why?

Everything has to have a reason.

Here are some of the benefits of Brain2Brain Technology.

Benefits of Brain to brain communication technology

1. National Security

Interrogation of criminals and replacement of lie detector:

This aspect of B2B technology can help enhance national security needs for the governments. No need to torture anyone.

2. A New Channel of Communication

Brain to Brain technology can provide a secure newer communication method. If secured properly, this method of communication is more effective than messaging and telephones.

3. Give a voice to those who can’t speak

Help paralyzed people to communicate and interact with the world. Wouldn’t it be nice to give a voice to those who need it?

Inter-Networking your brain with others

According to this article, The device connects directly to the users’ scalps and impulses from the sender were picked up via electroencephalogram (EEG) as well as by image-guided and robot-assisted transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). The signal was encoded and sent via the internet to the user on the other end. Once it reached its target destination, the code was then interpreted by a computer interface and delivered to the recipient.

Network Diagram

Photo by: Grau et al.

Technical and Non technical challenges of B2B concepts

1. Technical challenges

Of course, getting the data out of brain is not as simple as it sounds. There are accuracy issues, especially when the brain waves need to travel across hundreds of miles in distance. The latest development has not been 100% accurate and scientists are working on getting closer to what’s called a full-proof communication.

2. Network Security Issues

This concerns me more than anything else. If the brain waves transmission is intercepted by anyone, they can literally read the waves (meaning your brain), and this could be dangerous. Keeping data safe on the air will be very challenging.

Well, to be honest, I might have been just too excited about this technology because it’s been in my head for too long; but this might interest some of you as well. Imagine a world where people are taking to each other, but no one needs to speak a word. That is what I call the future of communication.

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