Can You Still Get Covid-19 After Vaccination?


As we are moving closer to getting everyone vaccinated, a lot of us might not know that one can still contract coronavirus even after getting vaccination. In this article we will try to explain why and how you could still get covid-19 after vaccination.

As of January 2021, more than 2 million people died from Coronavirus. This number is no joke. What we can learn from this is that even though the disease is less fatal, it can be very serious and life threading for some people. What we know is that the most vulnerable ones are those who have chronic diseases and are old.

How does vaccines work?

Vaccines teach our body to fight against a disease. It usually creates a protein in your body (sometimes referred to as antibodies) that knows about the virus already which helps fight the virus alongside our body’s immune system. Covid-19 vaccines are no different. Even though Pfizer and Moderna used an experimental mRNA technology to develop their vaccines in a record breaking time, they essentially do the same thing to our body- Train to Fight against the Covid-19 virus.

According to the CDC website, to understand how COVID-19 vaccines work, it helps to first look at how our bodies fight illness. When germs, such as the virus that causes COVID-19, invade our bodies, they attack and multiply. This invasion, called an infection, is what causes illness. Our immune system uses several tools to fight infection. Blood contains red cells, which carry oxygen to tissues and organs, and white or immune cells, which fight infection.

Getting vaccinated

By the way, you must take multiple shots of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines to fully protect yourself. Even after the second dose, you can contract the Virus. But, hopefully by then your body knows how to defeat the virus. The post vaccination antibody response is similar to the response your body would have made if you had covid-19 in the past. This is also known as natural immunity.

The mRNA Technology

The mRNA AKA messenger RNA technology is a new technology used in developing vaccines for covid-19. Both Pfizer (in collaboration with BioNTech) and Moderna used this technique to rapidly develop their vaccines. These are essentially cheaper and quicker to make as well.

Traditionally vaccines are developed using weakened version of the actual virus or a part of the virus that is not fetal. In covid-19’s case, it is the spike of the virus itself.

To understand how mRNA vaccines work, let’s understand what RNA is. RNA is an acronym for Ribonucleic Acid which translates genetic information into small structures of the cells. Cells normally use DNA to make mRNA proteins. When scientists decoded the DNA of the coronavirus that caused the COVID-19 disease, the scientists already knew how to use the same code to build up a mRNA Injection. The mRNA vaccines have these mRNA stand that helps our body to create antibody response in and even of the virus invasion.

What should I do after getting vaccinated?

The Asymptomatic Carrier

Even after vaccinations, you could get covid-19; however, the virus might go in and out of your system quickly or even stay asymptomatically in your system. The vaccines are used to assist your immune system and not treat the disease itself. So, when Pfizer and Moderna claimed that their vaccines are 94-95% effective, that meant that the vaccines showed that the chance of people getting seriously ill is less than 5-6% after contracting virus.

People wearing masks

Be Responsible

For the courtesy and safety of those who might not have been vaccinated, you must still practice social distancing and wear masks in public. There will be a lot of children and people who will not be vaccinated for you to protect. So before you go out there to party, please think twice.

“By the way, you must take a second follow up shot of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines to fully protect yourself. Johnson and Johnson vaccine is a single shot vaccine.”

Important note


We all must come together to fight this disease and end pandemic from the world, but it’s not going to be easy. You must do your part in order to protect people around you. Just because you got vaccinated doesn’t mean you have a license to go out there and be irresponsible. Please be responsible and help others in these unprecedented times.

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