Cherry Blossom Festival- My Experience


Cherry Blossoms of 2019

They said Cherry Blossoms will be a peak in the first week of April, so we decided to go and see the cherry blossom on Sunday, March 31, 2019. We were joined by our friends from Vermont and Maryland. In this article, I will share my personal experience, guides, and photos from the Cherry Blossom trip.

A Little History Lesson

The Cherry Trees that decorate the heart of DC have their own history. In 1912, Japan gifted about 3000 of these trees to the United States to celebrate the friendship between two countries. When the first batch of trees arrived to surround the Tidal Basin in 1910, the Department of Agriculture found they were infested with Insects and they had to be burned. However, the mayor of Japan decided to give 3000 more trees which were later planted around the northern bank of Tidal Basin and they are still standing healthy and tall today.

Our Visit

It wasn’t a very pleasant Sunday as we were hit by cold chills and wind unlike Saturday of the same weekend when the temperature was in the 70s. It was quite cold (temperature was around 40-50 degrees Fahrenheit). But, we made it to the venue around 1 pm anyway. As we live in the Northern part of Virginia, it took us about 45 minutes to get to DC.


Parking is always challenging in DC especially during major events and during summer. Our friends from Maryland brought their own car and I had my own. We browsed all the streets but couldn’t find parking for over 30 minutes. Later, we decided to park in the Garage near the Hotel Mandarin in DC. The cost to park there all day was $30, but it was indoor and secure.


Mobile restrooms are available around the Tidal Basin area near the Monument. But, if you cannot go in one of those, you will need to make sure all your businesses are done prior to coming to the festival as there are not that many places you can go looking for the bathrooms.


You are going to be walking a lot on the day of your visit; therefore, you have to hydrate yourself at all times. Unless you are planning to buy one of those expensive bottles of water on the streets. I highly recommend that you bring your own water bottle(s) with you. I found myself dehydrated many times in the past during my visits to the Cherry Blossom festival.


There were not that many events going on at the time we visited the Cherry Blossom festival, but usually, you will see concerts from local bands, cultural programs, and other activities around the area. Here is a video snapshot of a girl who was beautifully playing her flute when we were on the northern bank of the Tidal Basin.

Click here to see other events.


We took most of our photos near the Tidal Basin where the majority of Blossoms are located. Here are some pictures from our visit to the Cherry Blossom – DC 2019.

Did You Know?

According to, One of the earliest recorded peak blooms occurred on March 15, 1990, while the latest recorded peak bloom occurred on April 18, 1958.

Well, if you haven’t already been to the Cherry Blossoms festival in DC, this is a perfect time to do it. According to the National Park Service, the Cherry Blossom peak will be in between April 1 – April 14.

The nation’s capital is accented pink for you- what are you waiting for?


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