10 Must Have Beauty Essentials for Women


Let’s get started with the must-have beauty essentials in Best Makeups’s beauty bag:

Facial Cleanser

I have started off the list with face cleanser because facial cleansing is very important, and must be taken as a routine self-care regime. We brush our teeth twice a day so that we remain healthy by preventing bacteria and germs. In the same way, we must use a facial cleanser to cleanse our face daily, in the morning and at night so that we get rid of the bacteria, virus, unwanted dirt and dead skin cells. As the unwanted debris and pollutants will be removed the skin will be clear and will remain hydrated.

Face Moisturizer

As you can guess by the name itself, face moisturizer will help moisturize the face and maintain proper hydration. Applying moisturizer can be taken as adding protection to your skin. It will prevent many skin conditions such as dryness, redness, itchiness, acne, and more. Moisturizer should be applied after washing your face, or right after the shower as they will remove the oil that might have layered on the skin.


Now, the list has items which make you look more appealing and flawless. Primer should be applied after moisturizing face. Primer is the base for foundation and makeup after that. It helps to keep the makeup intact and last longer. It is a must to apply primer if you don’t want your make up to drain out if you are heading out for a long period of time.


Foundation is used to make the skin look even by hiding any scars or pigmented areas. It should be applied after applying primer, and it is literally the foundation where you will be applying rest of your makeup. It is important to choose the right foundation that matches and blends well with your skin color.

Face Powder

Face powder is applied after the foundation. Again, for face powder also you have to choose the right shade will go perfectly with your skin tone. It not only sets the foundation that has been applied but also provides matt look by getting rid of the oiliness. It adds a glow to your skin, so it is a must-have for every beauty/makeup lover.

Eye Shadow

Eyeshadow can change the entire look of a person. It makes you look more attractive and stand out. Applying eyeshadow is like making your eyes highlighted, but it brings out the entire beauty in you. It is important to have eyeshadows of different shades so that you can use them according to the event you are heading to.

Eye Liner

Eyeliner is an important aspect of the eye makeup which can give a whole new look to you. It is one of the most powerful beauty must-haves. It can just give you a totally different look from bold to classic. You should just learn the right technique to apply it.


Mascara gives the perfect finishing touch to your eye makeup. After applying eyeshadow and eyeliner, you should apply mascara. It provides more volume to your eyes and makes you look outstanding. It will help hide the tiredness and weariness of the eyes as well.


Lipstick is the x-factor. It takes you to a whole different level after applying lipstick. Applying lipstick makes your entire face noticeable and attractive. It can be taken as the final finishing touch, without which the makeup is incomplete.

Makeup Remover

The last beauty essential in this list is a makeup remover. It is a must product for everyone, especially for the people who love to apply makeup. It is very important to remove the makeup at the end of the day and get back your makeup-less skin. Skin is exposed to many toxins, debris, etc. throughout the day; and, besides this, if you keep ignoring the makeup removing part, slowly your skin will start reacting which can cause many skin issues. So, it is the last must have on our list.

These were some of the must-have beauty products by Best Makeups. If you have any comments or questions, please contact us



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