Five Things Nobody Told You About Makeup Ingredients & Beauty Products


Everyone loves makeup, but do you know what makeup ingredients the makeup products have in common? Makeup and beauty products are one of the most selling products in the world. We all want to look good and that is why we wear makeup and use beauty products. Do you know where some of the ingredients used in makeup products come from? In this article, I will share some of the common but disgusting ingredients used in our makeup products that no one seems to be talking about.

Crushed parasitic beetles are used in most lipsticks

The pigment used in Lipsticks is made from crushed Cochineal bugs (mostly beetles). The color Carmine red is produced using these bugs and boiling them with Ammonia. We all love the color red when it comes to choosing our lipsticks, but did you know  one of the famous makeup ingredients – the Carmine red- came from these beetles?

Your mascara may contain fish scales

Our favorite mascaras might contain fish scales. Most of the mascaras and nail polishes have an ingredient called Guanine. This chemical produces a shimmering or light diffusing color in makeup products like Mascara and nail polish. This chemical is also found in many other makeup and beauty products such as shampoo, hair spray, soaps, etc.

Bull semen is used in hair products

Protein from Bull semen is found to be very healthy for your hair. That is why a Salon in Europe use bull semen to treat extra dry hair of their clients. If you are thinking about giving it a try, let me tell you – the treatment costs around $140.

1300 toxic makeup ingredients are banned worldwide

Regulations have restricted the use of many ingredients in cosmetics. For example, bithionol, mercury, vinyl chloride, halogenated salicylanilide, chloroform, methylene chloride, etc are banned to be used in makeup products.

Disturbing Fact: Out of 1,300 toxic ingredients that are banned in the USA, this number is only 11.

Whale poop and vomit in your perfume

The whale is the largest animal on the planet earth right now, and humans found a way to use them in cosmetics as well. Some of the fancy perfumes in the world use whale poop and vomit. It is said that the whale poop keeps the scent last longer in the perfumes. However, whale poop is very expensive ( $200/gram) and only used in high-end perfumes.

Unlike Pharmaceutical companies, beauty companies get away with using banned substances and chemical in their beauty products because beauty products are supposed to be applied externally. We can only hope that the ingredients that are used in our daily cosmetics are good and not harmful to our body. The global beauty industry generates about 100 billion dollars every year. Haircare industry is about 38 billion dollars in itself.

I do not like that fact that all these animals products are being used in beauty products. Feel free to read a recent article I wrote about some of the companies that are against Cruelty-free animal products. 

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