Fun Gender Reveal Ideas

pink blue ribbon
pink blue ribbon

What is a Gender Reveal party?

In recent times, Gender Reveal has become one of the most famous trends. It is a fun way of knowing the gender of your upcoming baby while being surrounded with your loved ones. There are so many things to consider for the gender reveal party like appropriate gender reveal decorations, outfits, etc. But the most important part is how to revel the gender. Since it is important to have a fun-filled gender reveal, this article is focused on some fun gender reveal ideas.

Are there any safety concerns?

Before I even start with the gender reveal ideas, I do want to mention that there have been safety concerns with some ways of gender reveal which have surely made headlines. So, if you are planning for a gender reveal, please be mindful to select a fun and safe way of knowing the gender of your baby, which will not be harmful to the environment and living beings.

Fun Gender Reveal Ideas

Jumbo Gender Reveal Balloon

This must be one of the simple ways of getting to know the gender of the upcoming baby. All you need to get is a jumbo balloon and fill it with the confetti or powder that denotes the gender. They usually have pink confetti and pink powder for baby girl and blue confetti or blue powder for baby boy. You can even combine powder and confetti. When the balloon is popped, you will get to know the gender of the baby based on the color of powder/confetti.

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Confetti Cannon

You can get confetti cannons with the pink or blue confetti, depending on the gender of the baby. Each guest can be handed with one confetti cannon. When the time for reveal comes, everyone can stand together or surround the parents to be and twist the bottom of confetti cannon at the same time for it to pop and reveal the gender. Since there will be a lot of confetti in the air, it will be a good time to take some awesome pictures. 

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Balloons in a box

You can put some helium filled balloons in a box with either pink or blue balloons. When the parents to be open the box, the balloons will fly in the air and you will get to know the gender of the baby. This is also one of the simple ways of revealing gender of the upcoming baby. 

Balloons in a box

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Pop the balloons

This gender reveal idea comes with a little twist and it sure has some suspense. You can set up multiple balloons, with pink confetti in some, while blue confetti in some balloons. Just make sure that there are few extra balloons which have confetti that signifies the gender of the baby. Parents to be will pop one balloon at a time and will get to know the gender of the baby when all the balloons are popped. Since there will be a lot of excitement, one of the guests need to take responsibility of counting balloons with pink or blue confetti as the balloons are popped. 

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Scratch off Raffle ticket

Scratch off Raffle ticket can be used in multiple ways to reveal the gender of the baby. One way is by simply handing over raffle ticket with the gender of the baby to all your guests and requesting everyone to scratch it at the same time.

Another way of using raffle ticket to know the gender is by handing over raffle tickets of both the gender to the guests. Make sure that you have even number of guests, so that raffle ticket with boy and girl is equally divided. Ask guests to scratch the ticket one by one. This way there will be even number of ticket for boy and girl. Then you can hand over the scratch ticket which has the actual gender of baby to the parents to be and ask them to scratch. Just keep this later part as a surprise, so that there is adrenalin rush with every scratch. 

Scratch off

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This is another fun way of revealing the gender while filling the stomach. Once you have a final count of the guests attending the gender reveal party, order cupcakes accordingly. Make sure you don’t mess up the number of cupcakes with pink filling and number of cupcakes with blue filling. Ask your guests to take a bite, one guest at a time and note the color of the filling. As the guests take a bit, keep a tab of the color of filling. The filling present in majority of cupcakes will reveal the gender of the baby. 


This is another simple gender reveal idea in the list. You can simply bake a cake or order a cake with pink or blue sprinkles and candies inside the cake. As the couple will cut the cake they will see the sprinkles and candies which will let them know the gender of their baby. 


If the parents to be are interested in sports such as basket ball, baseball, football or soccer, you can simply get a ball which is made for gender reveal and fill it with powder that will denote the gender of the baby.  Depending on the sport, they can kick, throw, or hit the ball. Once the ball breaks, the color will be in the air, which will reveal the gender of the baby.


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This is also another fun way of knowing the gender of the baby. You will need pink or blue paint, depending on the gender of the baby. You can use paint in multiple ways to know the gender of the baby. One way is throwing the paint (of course gently) over the parents to be. You can ask the parents to be wear white outfit, so that the color of the paint will be evident. 

Another way is by giving the paint to parents to be and asking them to splash it over a canvas. This way the canvas can be a keepsake which will preserve memory of a lifetime, the first time knowing the gender of your baby. 

Besides this, you can also blindfold the parents to be, put paint on their hands and ask them to make handprints on their white clothes. Or, you can even get a cool tank top for mom to be and t-shirt for dad to be meant for this.

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Pull String Piñata 

You can get a fun pull string piñata and fill it some confetti and chocolates with either pink or blue wrappers. When the parents to be pull the string of the piñata, they will be showered with lots of confetti and chocolates/candies. This will reveal the gender of their little one. You can either add confetti or chocolates/candies or you can mix them. 

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I hope you enjoyed the list of fun gender reveal ideas that I have presented in this article. There certainly are many more ways of revealing the gender of your little one. I did not include any ideas associated with scientific experiments, as they can result into something unwanted and hazardous.  

P.S.- If you want to make the gender reveal super fun and surprise for literally everyone present in the party, you can get help from the Party City associates. They will gladly work with you on the idea you present without even letting you know the gender of the baby.  Or, you can simply ask help of someone who is not going to be present in the gender reveal. Just make sure that you don’t get tempted to open the slip that has the gender.

Also, in my personal opinion, it is best to take gender reveal light heartedly as a way of simply knowing the biological gender of the upcoming baby, without having any critical opinions about the gender inequality or gender bias.

Do you have any feedback or comments on this article? If yes, please let us know in the comment section below.

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