Holiday Shopping during a Pandemic

shopping during pandemic
shopping during pandemic

Usually end of the year is considered one of the best times of the year where people gather with their families and celebrate two of the best holidays- Thanksgiving and Christmas. This year a lot of things will be different during the holidays than they have been in the past, due to COVID-19 pandemic. Among many things that are going to change, one is holiday shopping. This article is centered on how to make holiday shopping during a pandemic easier. 

How is the experience of holiday shopping during a pandemic going to be like? And, what are the precautions and considerations while holiday shopping during a pandemic? This year’s holiday shopping experience will be very much different than the normal times.  Usually malls and other stores are open for extended hours and are super packed but this year, this will not be the case. Almost all the stores inside malls have restricted the number of customers inside the store. This will definitely lessen the crowd in the stores. Besides this, many people had to face economic crisis this year, which can result in decrease in the shopping expenses. Many people will not prefer to go to stores as the risk of exposure to the coronavirus will obviously increase with it. So online shopping will be popular this year which is a good thing to reduce the spread of virus. But, on the other hand, it will immensely impact small/local businesses. We have seen many businesses shut down for good due to the pandemic, which is quite heart-breaking.

Here are some of the tips which can be helpful for shopping for holidays amidst pandemic:

Online Shopping

Shop online if possible-

If you don’t want to go in the crowded areas and would rather isolate yourself for the sake of staying safe, shop online. Also, people with medical conditions should opt in for online shopping. Online shopping is easy, convenient and also has lots of options that you might not even find in-store. Many online stores might offer free shipping as it is holiday season. 

online shoShop early if you are shopping online

If you have decided that you will be shopping online this year, shop early. There are several reasonings for this. Shipping might be delayed due to high amount of online orders and also due to coronavirus pandemic. Also, websites might crash if you wait for some special day to shop like black Friday, as the online traffic will be high during these times.

In-store Shopping

Shop local-

Lets support small local businesses this holiday season if you want to go shopping in person. I am sure many of us have witnessed businesses shut down this year due to the pandemic. So, if you want to shop in person, check out some local businesses. Local stores will definitely be less crowded as well. Also, you will be supporting someone enjoy their holidays as small business rely on individual customers unlike big businesses.

local shop
local shop

Prepare the shopping list

Prepare your shopping list before you head out. Rather than planning on browsing around and deciding the gifts while you are in store, prepare a list of gifts you want to buy. You can go online and get gift ideas. This will not only save time but also lessen the time you will be spending around other people.

shopping lisr
shopping list

Take precautions while shopping in stores-

Wear a mask and wear it properly. Cover you nose as well. Many people prefer to wear mask below nose, not sure why!! So, please wear your mask or face covering properly.   Use sanitizers as needed, they are placed in all the stores if you don’t have one of your own. Do not try on clothes/shoes etc. and do not touch on surfaces unnecessarily. Make contact with other people minimum and maintain 6 feet distancing from other shoppers. Also, do not touch around your face- eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands. 


Don’t be influenced by others-

Do not be influenced by people who will be roaming around without a mask or a face covering. When you wear a mask you are not only helping yourself, but also others around you to lessen the spread of coronavirus. So, wear a mask or a face covering properly as advised. Follow CDC’S guideline on selecting, cleaning and using a mask.


Do not touch around your face and wash your hands for at-least 20 seconds after you get home.

wash hands
wash hands

Also, do check out your state, county or city guidelines to follow while you are out of your home.

Happy Shopping!!


Happy Holidays!!

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