How to clean makeup brushes and beauty blenders

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People are often curious about how to clean makeup brushes and beauty blenders. Makeup Brushes and Beauty Blender cleaning might seem like a task, but it is not.  You can either buy products to clean your makeup brushes or you can simply use products that you already have at your home.

How to clean makeup brushes

Follow these steps to clean makeup brushes with the products you already have at home:

Step 1:  Rinsing

Rinse the bristles with lukewarm water. Make sure that you don’t wet the handle as the glue will be loosened and bristles will fall off eventually.

Step 2: Cleaning

Option 1: You can simply use soap. You can hold the soap in your hand and rub the brush softly.

Option 2: Use shampoo only or combine it with olive oil or coconut oil. Place the mixture in your hand and rub the brush softly. Or place it in a small utensil and dip the brush and rub it in your hand or paper towel.

Option 3: Place some dishwashing liquid in dishwashing sponge. Rub your brush gently in the dishwashing sponge.

Step 3:  Washing

Clean the brushes will lukewarm water again to remove the soap/shampoo/dishwashing liquid. Tap it gently with towel or paper towel.

Step 4: Drying

Place it on a dry towel or paper towel. It is better if you place it tilted with bristles towards the end. This way water will drip and brushes will dry quickly, and water will not get inside the handle.

If you want to clean and dry your brushes quickly and professionally, you can buy professional electronic makeup brush cleaners on amazon.


How to clean beauty blenders

Follow these steps to clean beauty blenders with products you already have at home:

  • Wet the blenders with water, so that they get bigger.
  • Mix hand wash (preferably antibacterial) and olive oil or coconut oil.
  • Dip blender into the mix, and rub or massage the blender with hand. Place the blender under running water once in while rubbing it.
  • After all the dirt is removed, clean the blender with lukewarm water again.
  • Squeeze all the water and place the blender on a dry towel or paper towel to dry.


If you want to buy some tools to help you clean your make up brush/blender, feel free to browse the following beauty tools which are loved by customers:

If you want to use products which were made for cleaning makeup brushes and beauty blenders go through the following products:

Mentioning this for the last time- NEVER place your brushes in water, as it will make the bristle weak and the life of your brush will be dramatically decreased.

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