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Hey there!! If your baby’s first birthday is coming up and you are planning for a cake smash, this is “THE ARTICLE” for you.

I recently had my little girl’s first birthday, and I had been planning for a cake smash. While I was talking to one of my friends, she told me that I could get a small smash cake for free. I was surprised as well as excited when I heard this. After all, who doesn’t want free stuff?

Do we really get a free smash cake? Condition Applied or Conditions Not Applied?

So, after knowing that we could score a free smash cake I started googling to see which are the stores that offer free smash cake except the one that my friend mentioned. I saw many articles on this topic, but there was a catch every time. Though it was said that the smash cake would be free, there were conditions applied all the time. We would have to order another cake or make a purchase of up to certain amount to get the free cake. So, after a little bit of research here and there, I was convinced that there is only one store that literally gives a free smash cake.

The One for the Little ONE

So, while doing my research I figured that the one and only store which was giving free smash cake was Harris Teeter. Yes, the smash cake is literally for free in Harris Teeter stores. You don’t have to make any additional purchase to get a cake for free. So, what do you need to do? You can go to a Harris Teeter near you and find a form in the bakery section to get the free cake. Or, you can find a online form and print it at your home. You need to fill the form and submit it at the Customer Service. After that all you have to do is place an order for the smash cake in the bakery section when the birthday comes close. When you go to checkout, the cost of the cake will be automatically deducted after the VIC Card is scanned. The only thing is you need to submit the form a little ahead of time. They have mentioned that you need to give at least 4 to 6 weeks time for the processing of application.

Following is the application you need to fill for the free cake:

My Take:

If you are planning to have a super fancy cake for the cake smash, getting the free cake from Harris Teeter might not be a great idea for you. The Harris Teeter associate I talked to told me that they would just make a simple 6-inch Patti Cake.

Following is the cake that I got:

The only thing that I asked for was a pink cake with “SWEET ONE” written in white. Rest of the decorations on the cake was thought and done by them. I honestly think that they could have just given me a simple plain pink cake without all the decor that they have. It was a cake which would anyway be destroyed, so I didn’t care much.

Probably you can be more specific with them on the decoration, but don’t expect to get anything fancy. If you do get a fancy one, you are in luck.

Happy First Birthday to your little one!! Enjoy the cake smash!!

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