How to get rid of Bad Breath


Dental hygiene is something that might be overlooked by a lot of people until they have dental issues. Bad breath can also be a sign of a major dental issue. So, it is important to get rid of bad breath before it turns out to be some dental issue.

How to get rid of Bad Breath

Following are some things to consider if you want to get rid of bad breath:

Brush after meals

Brushing plays an important role in maintaining your dental hygiene. According to WebMD– Plaque, the sticky buildup on your teeth collects bacteria that cause bad breath. So, it is important to brush twice a day, and only if needed after each meal. It is not good to overdo things, and it’s the same with brushing as well. If you overdo it, it can cause issues to your gums.

Floss frequently

Flossing is as important as brushing. A lot of food particles can be Stuck between teeth even after brushing. This will lead to more bacteria and bad breath. The only way to get rid of these stuck food particles is to floss. So floss regularly. You can use either electronic or manual floss.


Rinse your mouth out

Rinse your mouth out regularly. Make it a habit as some people might do it only while they are out or after a meal. Mouthwash does the job of keeping your mouth fresh as well as killing the bacteria. And, bad breath will also go away with the bacteria. Besides this, be sure to get a good mouthwash, which gets rid of the bacteria while keeping the mouth fresh.


Scrape/brush your tongue

Tongue houses many bacteria after consuming foods and in general. So, it is important to scrape or brush your tongue. You can use your regular brush or get a tongue scrape. I prefer using tongue scrape as it is specially designed to clean your tongue.


Say no to tobacco

Tobacco is injurious to health. You might have noticed that people who consume tobacco have stained teeth. Not only this, but they also have bad gums. Tobacco causes gum issues, which also leads to bad breath. So, quit tobacco.

Keep your mouth moist

It is important to keep your mouth moist. If your mouth is not moist enough it can cause tooth decay resulting in bad breath. Drink enough water, chew sugar-free gums to produce saliva. Also, keep your room moist by using a humidifier as this will also help to moisten your mouth.

Replace your toothbrush regularly

It is important to replace your toothbrush on a regular basis. A toothbrush also houses bacteria, especially if it is not cleaned properly, eventually leading to bad breath. According to American Dental Association– Replace toothbrushes every three to four months or more often if the bristles are visibly matted or frayed. If you use an electric toothbrush, make sure you keep replacing the bristles in a timely manner.

Go for a Dental check-up regularly

Go for regular dental checkups and get your regular dental cleanings done. This way if you start having issues like bad breath, it can be diagnosed immediately. Also, many issues can be prevented before they start giving you problems. And, like the famous saying- Prevention is better than cure.

Visit your doctor

Sometimes bad breath can be related to gums issues as well. These things can be diagnosed only by medical professionals. If you still have bad breath after trying out all other tips; book an appointment with your dentist immediately.

These are some of the tips to get rid of bad breath.


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