How To Make Extra Money Starting Today


Why Earn Passive Income?

Everyone likes to save or make extra money. In this Information Age, making passive income has been easier than before. Just by simply pressing a button on your smartphone, you can start earning money today. Most of the time, we have to do little to no work to make passive income.

In this article, I will write about how to make extra money online or how to save money on a day-to-day basis on the things we are doing every day. These are all legitimate ways to make or save money and not a marketing stunt.

Here are 6 different ways to make money:

1. Switch your phone carrier to T-Mobile

Switching to T-mobile could save you hundreds to thousands of dollars every year. The T-mobile one plan is cheaper than any other carriers in the US. Ever since I switched to T-Mobile two years ago, I have been saving (or making) $120 on my phone bills every single month without compromising anything. T-mobile network might not be the best in the country but I have not experienced any difficulties using it anywhere.

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2. Start Banking Online

Enroll in Online banking that gives you interest in your checking account and that has no ATM Fees. I have not paid ATM fees in ages – literally. There are so many online banking products out there you can enroll to and start saving on overdraft fees, high maintenance fees, and ATM fees. These fees add up quickly without even realizing it. A lot of people are still using the traditional banks such as Bank of America and Wells Fargo, but in reality, you will be just fine without them. To be honest, I have not used big banks in years. Some of the banks that I use today for all my checking and savings needs are the following:

T-Mobile Money

T-mobile money gives you 4% interests (and yes, 4% interest) for up to $3000 and 1% interest thereafter on a bank account. A lot of people do not even know T-Mobile also has a banking product that they offer. If you are a T-Mobile customer, you can also save $5/ line on your T-Mobile bill if you use T-Mobile checking account for the autopay option. I generate at least $20/month from this checking account every month.

Learn more about T-Mobile Money.

Qapital Checking

Qapital bank allows you to creatively save money while earning money. You can use various triggers to save money for your  goals such as IFTTT and even from your health app. I love this app because I control what I want to save for and how I want to save. Qapital checking account offers no atm fees and no overdraft fees ever.

Learn more about Qapital.

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Discover Checking

I’m pretty sure, a lot of people have used to discover credit cards in the US, but there is no one I know who use their checking product. Their checking account offers no minimum balance, no atm fees, and gives you cash backs on every purchase and no, it is not a credit card. Learn more

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Aspiration Banking

This is my favorite personal bank of all. Best of all, they donate 10% of their profits to charity, and this is one of the reasons why I use this on a day-to-day basis. You can earn 1% on checking and earn 2% on their savings accounts. One of the best things about this bank is that they do not charge you ATM fees even for international transactions. Learn more about Aspiration Checking Account.

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Serious Note: All the banks mentioned here have one thing in common – they do not have ATM, overdraft, and maintenance fees.

3. Sign up for Airbnb to rent out an extra space of your home

Did you know you could rent out any space in your apartment or home? Airbnb is very simple and easy to use. Click a couple of pictures of the space you want to rent out, upload it on Airbnb app, and you are all set. We generate about $400/month from our Airbnb listing- No kidding! This is by far the easiest way to make extra passive income. Sign up and start listing your rooms today.

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4. Use Ebates before purchasing almost anything online

This is another app that I use while purchasing anything online. In the year of 2018, I was able to make $200 in cash backs for the things that I would have bought without using the app anyway. So, this is basically free money flowing into your pocket. Learn more about how you can save money on their website.




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5. Use your gas receipts to make extra bucks

Millions of people take a trip to gas stations every day but never think about uploading the gas receipts to make extra dollar every day. With GetUpside and Tru Now, you could make hundreds of dollars every year. Getupside pays up to 25 cents per gallon cashbacks and Tru Now pays somewhere between 5-10 cents/gallon depending on the gas stations. It might sound like a small change at first, but it could add up pretty quickly. Last year alone, I made over $200 dollars on gas and referral bonus on these apps- No bragging…

How to sign up? 

Search for “getupside” and “TruNow” apps on app store or Google Play store and:

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Note that Getupside is available to limited US States only. Click here to see if they have in the state that you live in.

6. Cook at home

There is no harm in eating out once in a while for fun and enjoy the outdoor eating; however, if you have a habit of eating outside every day, you could be spending hundreds of dollars every single month. It would have been worth it if the food outside were healthier; nevertheless, this habit is harmful to your body and your pocket. One of the things that we focus on in our household is that we tend to eat less outside and make fresh meals every day at home. This way we are saving money while eating healthy and nutritious foods. Next time, if you feel like going to a restaurant, make a trip to your nearest grocery store instead.

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