How to Remove Makeup Stains From Your Clothes


Makeup spills and smudges are unavoidable. It might not have happened to you yet, but if you are a makeup lover, one of these days, it’s going to happen for sure. No Kidding!

Makeup stain requires a lot of work to get ret rid of, and also they could make you feel embarrassed in front of people.

Stain cloth

In this article, you can learn about few proven techniques to remove makeup stains from your clothing. The best thing is that all of the ideas described below can be implemented at home.

Heading to a dry cleaner every time you have a makeup stain can be quite expensive. With simple tips and techniques, you can get most of the stain off of your clothes and potentially save hundreds of dollars every year.

Always look your best with the following techniques to remove stains from your clothes and other personal belongings.

Use cold running water to remove fresh stains

Tap water

If the stain is fresh, you can simply rinse it out of cold water. Use tide detergent in the affected area and simply rub and rinse using a running cold water. This technique works for most makeup products as long as the stains are fresh.

Use Rubbing Alcohol to remove old stains from your clothing

Rubbing alcohol

You can find a bottle of alcohol (at least 70% alcohol) in a dollar store, a grocery store, or in a general store. Fill up a spray bottle to spray a small quantity of alcohol on the stain directly and use a rag to rub it out. If you cannot get all the stains out the first time, repeat the process again.

Use Shaving Cream and Hydrogen Peroxide Mix

Shaving cream

If you have a shaving cream at home, you can apply shaving cream and a little hydrogen peroxide mix to the stain and rub it with a rag for about a minute. Rinse the affected area with water and repeat the prices until the stain is completely gone. This seems to work for most foundation and mascara stains.

Undiluted Vinegar and Baking Soda Mix to get rid of old Makeup stains

Baking soda and vinegar mix

Mix baking soda in a small bowl with 1/2 bowl of undiluted vinegar and soak the garment for about 30 minutes. Use a rag or a toothbrush to slowly rub it into the fabric and get the makeup stain out of your clothes. This technique can be combined with other techniques mentioned in this article.

Here are some videos on YouTube that show you how to remove makeup stains from your clothes.

Do you have a unique technique that you use to remove stains from clothing? Please let us know in the comment below. If there are other techniques to remove makeup stains from the clothing that are not discussed in this article. Feel free to share them with the readers.

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