How to treat oily hair


Oily hair can be an issue for many people. Is there a way to get rid of oily hair? Yes, there are certain dos and don’ts which can make your oily hair condition better. In this article, I am providing some tips on how to treat oily hair.

Treating oily hair

Following are some point which will be helpful on treating oily hair:

Shampoo Frequently and Properly

One of the ways of taking control of oily hair is to shampoo frequently. If you have oily hair issues, shampoo at least once a day. According to the US National Library of Medicine, “Shampoo your hair every day. Leaving the shampoo on your head for at least 5 minutes before rinsing may help.” It is important to shampoo frequently as well as properly. Take enough time while shampooing your hair and make sure that hair products have been completely removed from your hair.

Rinse properly

Once you are done shampooing, make sure you take some time to rinse your hair properly. Especially, if you don’t want to give up on conditioner, please do take extra time to rinse your hair and get rid of the conditioner.

Don’t Use Conditioner

Conditioner plays a major role in making your hair look greasy. Oil also tends to settle down faster with the use of conditioners. Avoid using conditioner. But, if you really feel like you need to condition your hair, use it in the ends only and completely avoid it in the scalp.

Don’t Over-brush

If you have oily hair, don’t brush your hair too frequently. When you brush your hair frequently, the coil will easily and quickly travel from the scalp to the ends making your hair oily sooner.

Rinse with apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar can be called a home remedy to treat oily hair. Just add one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to a bottle of water, and rinse your hair with it. This will help to remove the oil from your hair without damaging the hair. 

Clean you brush

The brush which has not been cleaned for a while will be home to many styling chemicals and residue oil. This will not only make your hair oily faster but also dirty. So make sure you clean your brush and other hair styling tools that you use frequently.

Don’t touch your hair too frequently

When you tend to touch or play with your hair frequently, the oil from the scalp will easily travel to the ends. This will all your hair look greasy soon. Besides this, other body parts also produce oil, like fingers. So the oil from other body parts can also be transferred to hair. Hence, it is best to avoid touching hair constantly.

Be mindful while choosing hair products

Choose your hair care products wisely. Skip the beauty products which have some type of oil as an ingredient. This makes your hair oily more quickly.

Don’t straighten or blow-dry your hair

If you have oily hair, avoid using a straightener or dryer. Though these electronics can give your hair a fine and sleek look, they will also make your hair oily faster. It is always best to air dry your hair. Also, try other techniques to style your hair than using a straightener.

Relax, and stress less

When people are under a lot of stress, the body tends to produce more amount androgen hormone. This hormone produces more oil which can be the cause of oily hair. So, don’t stress and try some relaxation techniques.

Final Tip: Be gentle on your hair. Give it a break now and then from all the hair products and tools you use.

It is important to know how to wash and dry your hair properly. It will maintain the texture of your hair. Head to our article to know more about washing and drying hair properly.

How to wash and dry your hair properly

I hope these tips and tricks work on your hair to make it look less oily.


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