HSG Test and What to Expect After the Procedure


Last year I wrote an article about how I felt during the hsg test and what was the outcome of the hsg procedure, but this time I will be writing about what to expect after the hsg procedure so that you are all prepared to take on some of the challenges post hsg test. About 40 percent of infertility is due to issues related to the Fallopian tube and this is the first diagnosis that is recommended. Hsg test is an outpatient procedure and there is very little risk of infection after the hsg procedure.

The good news is that I got pregnant right after the test and now we have a wonderful and lovely 10 months old daughter.

How much does hsg test cost?

For those who have health insurance, Hsg doesn’t cost a whole lot. If you have a high copay and deductible, you might have to pay co-pay and meet the high deductible but for the benefits that hsg test has, it’s not a whole lot. You can shop around and find out how much it costs if you do not have insurance or your insurance doesn’t cover the cost. In general, with the insurance hsg test cost between $150- $350.

Does the HSG test increase the chances of pregnancy?

I don’t think so. In general hsg procedure is performed just to determine whether your Fallopian tubes are blocked or not. If your Fallopian tubes are blocked, then there is another procedure that can be performed to unblock your Fallopian tubes. That procedure is known as tubal flushing. If your Fallopian tubes are healthy enough, you can try to conceive anytime after the hsg test as long as you are not having pain or any symptoms of infections.

Hsg test pain management

Hsg can be painful for some people and not for others. It all depends on your body and your tolerance level. I felt some cramping when the dye was injected at first, but then I didn’t have much pain on the day of the procedure because I took ibuprofen.

However, I felt discomfort and a little pain after a day or so, but it was manageable. I wrote about the pain aspect of hsg test in greater detail in this article.

Infection Risks

Some women have reported that they have had light spotting and stomach cramps after the procedure, but you are very very less likely to have an infection due to the HSG test. I did have some cramps and pain very similar to period cramps but did not have any symptoms of infections after the year. If you have any of the following symptoms, you might want to talk to your doctor as they might be related to infections:

  • Fever
  • Too much Vaginal discharge
  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Unbearable abdominal pain
  • Dizziness and Fainting

Can periods get delayed after the Hsg test?

No, periods should not be delayed after the hsg test unless a womb scrape was done during or after the hsg procedure. Like I mentioned earlier, hsg test is only a check to see how healthy your Fallopian tubes are. It doesn’t have any side effects of its own, but sometimes, you could get an infection. You should consult with your ob-gyn if you have any symptoms of an infection such as fever and vomiting.


Follow up with your Doctor

You will need to schedule a follow-up visit with your doctor to get the result of the procedure and to know everything is ok after the procedure. This is normal because the doctor just wants to make sure that you do not have any complications or an infection caused by the hsg test. If you feel like the procedure was not done correctly and you are not happy with the outcome, you can try another fertility specialist or a center.

Here is another great article on what to expect during and after the hsg procedure.

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