Mexico becomes first country in North America to ban animal testing for cosmetics


Wow!! What a great news!! Mexico becomes first country in North America to ban animal testing for cosmetics. On September 2, 2021, Mexico’s Senate gave its final and unanimous verdict to support a federal bill to ban animal testing for cosmetics. According to Humane Society International- Mexico is the first country in North America and the 41stcountry globally to do so.

It is a proud moment for Mexico and all the people who worked and supported to pass this Bill. This law not only bans manufacture, but also import and marketing of cosmetics which are tested on animals anywhere else in the world.

Save Ralph

The animated Movie “Save Ralph” played a huge role in this legislation. Ralph the rabbit is a tester who is representing thousands of rabbits and other animals who go through a lot of pain because they are part of animal testing for cosmetics and harmful chemicals. This movie move has over 13 millions views so far. This movie compelled many people to sign a petition for this legislation in Mexico. This movie did fulfill its purpose which was part of Humane Society International’s global campaign to end the cruelty against innocent animals.

YouTube link to watch the movie:

Reasons to use cruelty free beauty products

There are several reasons to use Cruelty free beauty products. Animals cannot fight for themselves, they cannot advocate for themselves. So, we have to stand up for them and fight against animal cruelty. Just knowing that no animal has been suffered for harmed for the products you are using will give a self satisfaction.

Using cruelty-free products means using products free of chemicals that are good for the skin. Cruelty-free products are not tested on animals, due to this reason many people tend to think that these products are much more expensive than the products that have been tested on animals.

There are many other alternatives to animal testing which can be easily adopted. Big companies don’t want to adopt the alternatives of ingredient testing because animal testing is an affordable option.

These are few reasons that I feel like are enough to advocate for cruelty free beauty products and fight against animal cruelty.

Beauty Brands against animal-cruelty

Shoutout to the beauty brands that are standing against animal cruelty!!

Whenever you want to buy a product that is cruelty-free, please make sure you check the cruelty-free trademark. There can be beauty brands which might have falsely claimed to be a cruelty free beauty brand. Please head to the following article to see a list of top beauty retailers that are standing against animal cruelty.


Mexico becomes first country in North America to outlaw animal testing for cosmetics

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