My First Stitch Fix Experience


I had been hearing a lot about Stitch Fix, but had never tried it. I received some credit from a friend. So, I finally decided to give it a try and see how this would work. I am personally the kind of person who can spend a lot of time in stores looking for the right outfit. So, this was a completely different experience for me, as I would have no clue about the kind of outfits that were being sent to me.

What is Stitch Fix?

After unboxing and checking out the outfits, here I am ready to share my first Stitch Fix experience. But, before that, let’s get to know more about Stitch Fix, so that you know what exactly the deal is. Stitch Fix is an online clothing store where you will have an individual stylist working with you to know what your style is. You will be asked to take your style quiz which will provide some information to the stylist regarding your clothing choices, what kind of outfits you favor, or what is not your style at all. Based on the answers, they will do their research and select some outfits for you, keeping in mind what your style is and what would look good on you, or the kind of outfit with which you would be ready to do some experiment.

How it Started for me?

So, once I created an account, I started by taking a quiz on my style and then selected a date for my fix to arrive. It was quite exciting to wait for my first Stitch Fix box to arrive. It was initially supposed to arrive on January 16th 2021, but it was two days late. Once it is shipped they provide you with the tracking details, so that you can stay informed on where the package is.

What was in the box?

Stitch fix box

It was quite exciting to open the Stitch Fix box as the outfits were a total surprise for me. And hey! who doesn’t love surprises. I liked the way they had boxed the outfits wrapped in a paper. Besides the outfits, there was a style guide with outfit suggestions which was personalized for me. It had images of the outfits that were sent to me paired with other outfits. And, it also had a personal note by my Stylist giving me some advice on how I can style myself.

Then, there was an envelop; I opened it and it had a welcome card with guidelines on what I need to do next. Like- discovering my style and deciding on what to keep, how to share my thoughts and feedback on each item and how to send the items that I don’t want back to them. It was extremely helpful, as I did not have to spend a lot of time in figuring out things.

Outfits that I received

PINK CLOVER- Esperanza Colorblock Open Cardigan
PINK CLOVER- Esperanza Colorblock Open Cardigan

Keep It or Leave It?

This open Cardigan was extremely soft. Loved, loved, loved the quality and comfort. But, it was a Leave It for me because I don’t use much of cardigans. And, I already have some in my wardrobe which will last me a while.

PINK CLOVER- Poplar Cowl Neck Brushed Knit Top
Cowl Neck
PINK CLOVER- Poplar Cowl Neck Brushed Knit Top

Keep It or Leave It?

Quality was good. I did not like the color combination nor the cowl neck design. As soon as I saw it, there was no doubt that it was a Leave It. This is not my style at all.

LETY & ME- Josey Elbow Patch Pullover
LETY & ME- Josey Elbow Patch Pullover

Keep It or Leave It?

Quality of this pullover was ok compared to other outfits in the box I received. It was a Keep It for me. Honestly, I am still not sure why I decided to keep it. I feel like I had a guilt of returning most of the items. I am mother to one active baby, so not sure when will be a good time to wear it.

1822 DENIM- Berlin Girlfriend Jean
1822 DENIM- Berlin Girlfriend Jean

Keep It or Leave It?

Material of this jeans was good; it was stretchy and comfy. It was a Leave It for me. It did not fit me well and, I cannot compromise with my comfort.

MARKET & SPRUCE- Denver Front Twist Brushed Knit Top
 Front Twist Knit Top
MARKET & SPRUCE- Denver Front Twist Brushed Knit Top

Keep It or Leave It?

This front twist knit top was soft and it felt very light when I wore it. It was a Keep It for me. I fell in love with it as soon as I tried it. I felt comfy in it. It would have been even better if it was a full sleeve but no complaints on that.

Checkout Process & Return

Check out process was very simple. As I had already installed an app, I checkout using my app and not a web browser. So with the app, checkout was easy and quick. On at a time, the items you received get displayed with an option to keep it or return it. Once you make your choice, you get a small survey on the item, probably to better understand your style. When it’s all done you need to make a payment which is the final process of checkout. You can use your credit card or pay by Venmo or PayPal. Overall checkout process is easy. Once that’s done, final step is to drop off your package at a nearest USPS if you have any returns.

UPS bag

My Final Thoughts

I was pretty excited for the outfits but I did not have a lot of expectations, it was mostly an experiment for me. The process of going through the quiz to give insights about my style was fun. It was easy to use their app. Initially I was using web browser, later I decided to install an app. The process of choosing the outfits, check out and returning if any was also made easy.

Now, regarding the clothes, I would say I had mixed feelings. Quality of all the outfits I received was extremely good. There was no negative point that I would give on the quality. Material was extremely good and soft that I immediately felt comfortable when I tried them. But, I felt that my fix didn’t really have a variety. While doing the quiz, I did state that I like bright colors as well, but the clothes I received were of almost similar colors. They were mostly dull colors which I was not very happy about.

Each outfit in my box was above $40, this price might be budget friendly for some, while not that reasonable for others. Also, the stitch fix box you get has items which are solely selected by someone else. There is no guarantee that you will like what you receive. For me personally, it was not easy to instantly like an outfit and be ready to spend that amount of money on each one.

Will I try it again?

I do want to give it a try again. I have not scheduled a fix yet but I will definitely when I feel it is the right time.

If you want to try out a fix for yourself, I recommend you do so at least once. It is a fun experience to see how a Stylist would identify your clothing sense and prepare a box of outfits for you. Another reason is because there is no subscription required and there is no shipping charge or any charge for returns and exchange. Get started with $25 credit in your account with the link below:

Please let me know your thoughts on this article. Is there anything else that I could have included in this article? Share your personal experience with Stitch Fix or any thoughts you might have in the comment section below.

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