$1 Fluffy Brow Viral Tiktok Makeup Hack


One of the famous and viral Tiktok makeup hacks is this idea of creating a Fluffy and brushed-up eyebrows using a soap bar from a Dollar tree/General store. Who would have thought a dollar could do the same trick of an expensive brow gel, eye liners, or brow lamination.

In this article, I’m going to walk you through the process of getting perfect fluffy brows without needing to do a lot of hard work and without breaking your bank. In addition, I will discuss some of the pros and cons of Soap Brows.

What is Fluffy Brows/Brow Lamination?

Fluffy brows is a latest trend in the makeup world. If your hair is growing unevenly around your brows, this may be a perfect perming technique for your brows to get that symmetrical and fullest look. The whole procedure usually takes less than 10-15 minutes of your time, but this could be a game changer for you if you have thin eyebrows. Fluffy brows is one of the viral Tiktok makeup hacks that are breaking the internet right now.

If you have been on Tiktok lately, the soap brows- a new and trendy method to get fluffy brows– is one of the famous makeup hacks and trending topic right now. A lot of Tiktok makeup stars try different ways to do the brow lamination and share them with the world, but the soap brows is the one that is getting a lot of attention.

What is the $1 Fluffy Eyebrow Tiktok Hack?

Now you know what a Fluffy brow or brow lamination is. You might be thinking how to achieve the same without needing to spend a lot of money. If you are comfortable putting a soap in your eyebrows, you can laminate brow with a dollar tree’s infamous Pear Soap bar.

The $1 Fluffy brow hack is a way to clean up and get fluffy eyebrows using a soap from a dollar store.


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Another viral Ticktok hack on Fluffy Eyebrow


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How Do You Get Fluffy Brows?

  • Wet your soap with Facial mist and rub your Spoolie back and forth against the bar until you see the paste forming.
  • Brush your hair up in “in and out direction”. If stray pieces are sticking out too much, trim or use spoolie to shape.
  • Fill in the sparse areas of your brows with brow pencil.
  • Clean up any areas with concealer if needed.
  • You should now have soapy brows.

Is Soap Bad for Your Eyebrows?

It’s not necessarily bad for the eyebrows, but leaving soap on your eyebrows for too long can cause the skin to be dry and flaky. Should you apply soap in your brows, choose the one with glycerin and with less chemicals and try to use the regular in scented soap.

This technique is not really new in the makeup world. Classic makeup artists and drag queens have used this technique a long before it’s been repopularized in the world of Tiktok.

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