Preparing Hospital Bag for Delivery

Hospital bag

While I was preparing my hospital bag, I did some research. I watched some Youtube videos and read quite a few articles, then I prepared my hospital bag with many of the must haves mentioned in those articles and videos.

During my stay in the hospital I quickly realized that most of the items in my hospital bag would not be used at all. Due to this experience I decided to post this article on the items which will actually be helpful or which are needed in the hospital.

Here is my take on some of the items which are needed in the hospital bag:

For new MOM

  • Insurance Card

Insurance Card is one of the most important items that needs to be in the hospital bag. It is needed while you are being admitted.

  • Toiletries

It’s good to pack toothpaste, soft toothbrush, comb, hair tie,etc. Lip balm is also a must have to keep lips moist against dry hospital air. Hospital provides shampoo and body wash, but you can always pack items based on your needs.

  • Going Home outfit

After delivery you will be in a comfortable hospital gown, but eventually you will have to change into your own outfit to go back home. So, a “comfortable” and “easy to wear” outfit is a must to help make your ride back home smooth. Easy to put on slippers/shoes is also needed.

For the BABY

  • Going home outfit

Hospital provides some generic outfit if needed but you might want to pack an outfit for baby.

  • Blanket

A baby should never be in layers when placed in a car seat, so a comfortable blanket is needed to keep baby warm in the car.

For new DAD

  • Slippers

Since the new dad will be in hospital for couple of days its best to get a pair of slippers as they will be much more comfortable than shoes.

  • Some snacks

Since birth of baby is uncertain unless it is a scheduled C-section, its good to pack some snacks.

  • Comfortable outfits

Experience of staying in hospital, sleeping in a not so comfy couch can be made little better with comfy outfits.

  • Charger

You don’t want your phone to be out of charge when its time to share the good news with loved ones, or if you will be needing some help. Besides this, cell phones have become a part of our daily life with multiple uses, so make sure you keep the charger in you hospital bag.

  • Toiletries

As the new dad will also be spending couple of days in the hospital, it is good to take necessary toiletries.

baby clothes

My take on some items that might have been mentioned as must haves, but didn’t make it in my list:

  • Comfy Robe

Yes, I did pack a comfy robe; but did I use it? Nope, I didn’t. It just took up a lot of space in my hospital bag. I was feeling extremely hot due to the hormonal changes and ended up not using it.

  • Comfy gown

After giving birth to a baby, very few people might be concerned about the comfort they are getting from a gown. I used the gown provided by hospital throughout my stay, and I did comfortable on those.

  • Socks

Hospital will provide a pair of socks which can be used during the stay. If you don’t like the kind you get in the hospital you can pack a pair. Just make sure the pair you are packing has non skid treads in the sole. This is for safety purposes as it helps prevent falls.

  • Pillow

Hospital will provide as many pillows as needed so there is no point in carrying extra pillows, unless you need a certain type of pillow.

Blanket- Again, hospital will provide extra blankets but if the new mom or dad want extra comfort you can pack a blanket.

Some items which I believe are good to have:

  • Camera

The spouse can take some good quality pictures with a good camera. It was one of the best decisions for us as professional photographer was not allowed in the hospital due to the Covid 19.

  • Props

Some cool props can be used to welcome or introduce the newest addition of the family. I used a letter board for mine.

  • Boppy Pillow

If you are a first time mother and planning to breastfeed the baby, boppy pillow can be useful. This is also not a must as the lactation specialist can help you practice with the pillows. It is just something nice to have.

The items mentioned in this article are solely based on my personal experience.

Quick Tip

Make sure you have enough space in your bag to get items from the hospital. I got some diapers, wipes, baby outfits, swaddle blankets and burp cloths.


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