The Importance Of Commercial Photography In E-commerce


Commercial Photography

Images are the most important elements of an e-commerce website. Isn’t it? The attractive and sharp images help to attract potential customers and encourage them to buy your product. It will be the biggest goofiness to underestimate the power of images. Photos speak more than words. According to Ben Silbermann (the CEO of Pinterest), the future of online search will be based on images instead of words. In coming years, people will drag the image of the product on the search engine in lieu of writing the words on Google.

Every day new businesses are entering an online platform. The competition is very high, and you have to make a lot of efforts to stay ahead in the market. The quality images can really help you to grab the attention of visitors. 90% of online shoppers agreed that image quality is the key factor in their buying decision. People want to discover products from every angle before making a purchase. They don’t invest their hard-earned money in unreliable products. Hence, you need to be a bit creative with your product photos.

The beautiful and clear images help in building the trust of buyers and convenience them to own the product. If you think that you yourself can capture a captivating picture of your goods with a DSLR. You’re mistaken. To sell the products efficiently on online platforms, it is important to hire the best commercial photographer in Bristol and around the world. The professional photographer will showcase your goods in the best possible way. They use high-quality equipment and gear to provide you professional quality shots, which will boost your sales and elevate your revenue. The following points will make you clear why commercial photography is important to E-commerce.

  • Images Offer A Full Visual Package To Customer 
  • Solidify The Brand Image
  • People Share The Photos
  • Quality Images Boost The Ranking On Search Engine

Images Offer A Full Visual Package To Customer 

As mentioned above, image quality influences the buyer’s decision. Online or Internet shopping depends entirely on the vision of the shopper. That’s why it is essential to use high-resolution photos on the e-commerce website. To purchase an intangible thing, buyers will likely investigate it from every angle. If you put only a single photograph of the product, it is obvious that shoppers will not be able to visualize it appropriately and eventually jump to another shopping website. Whether you are selling clothes, kitchen accessories, or decoration pieces, it is important to put multiple photos of the object. It enables the viewer to see it from a different angle. Apart from this, don’t forget to add the zooming option to the image.

Solidify The Brand Image

According to great commercial photographers, apart from enticing the audience, clean and clear photographs also reinforce the brand image. The superior quality product shots show the professionalism of your business and encourage the audience to connect with your brand. On the other hand, blurry and bad-looking images create distrust in the audience and prevent them from instilling confidence in your product.

People Share The Photos

In this digital world, around 58% of the world’s population is using social media. Whether it is good or bad, people share every idea with their friends. If your product influences any viewer, there is a high probability that they will share it on social media channels such as Instagram and Pinterest. And this can drive good traffic towards your business website, which expands the customer base and boosts your revenue. 

Quality Images Boost The Ranking On Search Engine

Generally, users visit websites that reflect on the 1st page of Google, and everyone wants to see their business on the top of the SERP (search engine result pages). The high quality and optimized images help you in this as well. Google ranks original pictures higher instead of stock images. Moreover, original photos make your brand’s identity more robust. Therefore, it is important for e-commerce website owners to recruit commercial photographers for product photoshoots.

Wrapping Up

There are a plethora of commercial photographers in the marketplace. But, you should choose the best one for your product photography. Do your research and see the previous work of the professional before appointing. 

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