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Since the pandemic hit, the number of people working from home skyrocketed. As many people started working from home, many health issue starting occurring. One of the major issues has been related to eyes. Since everyone is working in the computers all day, eyes have been impacted a lot. These issues never occurred while people were going to the office as everyone was taking regular breaks or were off the screen during meeting, etc.

It is important to take care of eyes and avoid eye strain. Following are some tips to avoid eye strain:

Pay attention to the lighting

Lighting also causes eye strain. So, it is important to adjust to the proper lighting. Your computer screen should be adequately lit. Adjust the brightness as needed. Glare can contribute to eyestrain, so try shading windows or using filters to reduce glare on your computer screen.

Check the air quality

Check the air quality of your working space. If the suit quality is bad, it can impact your eyes as well. Your eyes can get dry which can cause more strain to your eyes. So, make sure your working space is properly ventilated. Also, use a humidifier if required.

Take breaks while working

It is important to take breaks while working. Your eyes will get tired of you keep focusing on the screen for a lengthy period of time. So, it is important to take breaks. I like to follow the 20-20-20 rule. As per this rule, in every 20 minutes you should focus on some thing that is at-least 20 feet away, for at-least 20 seconds. This will give a good break to your eyes

Close your eyes and give them some rest

It is very important to give your eyes some rest. And, one of the best ways to do it is by shutting your eyes for sometime. Once you close your eyes, you will not be staring at anything. This is the best way to rest those tired eyes.

Position your computer screen properly

It is important to make sure that the computer screen is at the correct distance. In addition, it should be in the proper position. The screen should always be a few feet away from eyes. If the screen is too close, it will strain the eyes. You should view the screen at the level of your eyes or slightly below them.

Choose the right eye ware

Check with your doctor if you need special glasses. Also, if you are using one already, male sure that the power of your glasses matches the power that your eye requires. If you are not using proper eyewear, it can cause strain to your eyes.

Use eye drops

There are plenty of eye drops that can be found in the market and bought over the counter. These eye drops work as lubricant and help remove the dryness that might be happening due to focusing at the screen for a longer period of time.

I hope these tips ease your eyes like they did mine.

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