Top Beauty Retailers that are Standing Against Animal Cruelty


How Cosmetic Companies are linked with Animal Cruelty?

Animal cruelty is one of those subjects which should be brought up again and again in the media. People should be made aware of how big cosmetics companies are abusing animals. In this article, list down the companies that are saying no to animal cruelty in skincare products.
The products that are used every single day are produced after many kinds of research which also includes animal testing. Testing labs are filled with animals who are tortured every single day so that the products can be sold to the public. People should be made aware of what animals (who cannot talk or defend themselves in any way) have to go through so that we can buy the beauty products that we like. Now, it is about time we do our part in stopping animal cruelty by buying products from brands that are standing against animal cruelty.

animal testing

There are many brands that have opted in for non-animal testing. But, there still are many cosmetic brands that don’t want to stop animal testing. There are several reasons for not giving up on animal testing.

Alternatives to Animal Testing

Alternatives for animal testing are expensive, animals are easily available, etc. they need to perform test which is more relevant to human health as humans will be using the products and not animals.
There aren’t facts that animal testing helps resolve any issues that might occur to human beings due to the cosmetics used. So, let’s come together to raise our voice for this issue, and let’s make sure that we are spending money on products that have not harmed animals in any way.
Below, I have listed top  Skincare and Beauty Brands that are Cruelty-free:

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 E.L.F Cosmetics

e.l.f. cosmetics

Top Brands that stood against Animal Cruelty

E.L.F Cosmetics
Ella + mila
Gabriel Green
IT Cosmetics
Eco tools
Wet & wild
Urban Decay
The Body Shop
LA Girl
Furless Cosmetics
Avalon Organics
Hush + dotti
Oz Naturals
Edible Beauty
Balanced SkinFood
Beauty Grade
Earthnotes Skincare
Flora & Fauna
Karla’s Organic Beauty
Afterglow cosmetics
Adesse New York
All Good

e.l.f. cosmetics

Nature’s Brands
Pixllady Cosmetics
100% Pure
1121 Apothecary
Afterglow Cosmetics
COUI Skincare
Face + Body

Other notable cosmetic brands are following:

Mad Hippie
Naked Cosmetics
Nature’s Beauty Mix
NeemAura Naturals
Organique by Himalaya
Pandora’s Products
Skin All Natural
Social Eye Lashes
The Alchemists’s Wife
Tilth Beauty
Z Natural Life
Wildly Natural Beauty
Bite Beauty
Bara Cosmetics
BYO Makeup
CORAL Skincare
E.L.F. Cosmetics
ECO Minerals
Fusion of Color
Furry Natrals
The Buff Makeup
L.A. Colors
Muddy Body

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