We Need More Robots. Are you a Robot?


Competitive Culture

I’m constantly thinking about living an alternative life, a better one, Instead of living this dulled life -somewhat robotic in nature and devoid of deeper meaning and purpose. I just want to be set free & enjoy being a human. I often ask myself, “What am I doing this for;” however, I don’t hear any answer. I feel like my life has become visionless and passionless. Believe it or not, I live in an intensely competitive culture that rewards achievement and success. In order to comply with the laws and rules of this competitive culture, I have adjusted my identity and esteem, and I have become a puppet of so-called power in this society.

Pursuit of Happiness

My real “pursuit of happiness” and well-being has become terribly misdirected by these sets of misguided rules and morals defined by the world I live in. My expressions have been controlled; my thinking, behavior, movement, voice, and even life is defined in a certain pattern that has limited access of freedom, and I have to fit in whether I want or not. Otherwise, I’d be considered a moron and be ignored.



In addition to this, the cultural paradigm, which we think is actually helping us, is leaving us disconnected, disenchanted and isolated. As a result, we tend to honor and seek material acquisitions at the cost of devoting ourselves to intimate and loving relationships with others and ourselves. What’s wrong with this picture? Sometimes, it feels like the world today is just manufacturing lots of Robotic and depressive people in some assembly lines in the way and shape it wants. The world really doesn’t give a damn about how dehumanized we have become in hunger and thirst of proving us better than other robots.

Meaning of Life

To be honest, I have already lost my life and its meaning. I don’t even have time to nurture my loved ones, and I don’t even recognize them as a part of my life. I just play fair just like every robot does in the market, i.e. fake it. Machines like us, are highly dysfunctional, so we have to make excuses for every little mistake we make. The expectation of multitasking and better performance leads us to dysfunction and cracks down by a little piece at a time.

Alternative Life

Frankly, is the alternative version of my life possible? Hey! They are putting price tags on every possible robot out there defining how worthy their bodies and parts are – brain, legs, hands, chest, and etc. Isn’t there something wrong when you don’t even own your smile? You’re obligated to smile when others are expecting it. I can only have a better robotic look and shape as a reward for my performance; conclusively, I can never be what I want to be. I’m just waiting for my time to break down and be replaced with another robot like me.

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