Will Work from Home become the new normal?


Since the Covid-19 Pandemic, our lives have changed drastically. The way we were living our life, the norms we were following, or even the normal that we were experiencing has flipped. The shopping experience is different during the pandemic; even, traveling has changed due to pandemic. With many things that changed, one that has been a major change is working environment of millions of people. Some surveys suggested that 1 in 4 Americans will be working from home during the pandemic. Even though pandemic will come to an end, seems like many companies would want to adapt the new workplace which is- home. So, will Work from Home become the new normal?

Work from Home

Many companies are opting to embrace the work from home (WFH ) culture. There are many reasons for this and the most important one is economy. Companies will save huge amount of money by just asking their employees to stay home and work from home. We can think of big expenses like rent to little expenses like stationery. So, definitely companies are opting to stay remote post covid as well. This has many impacts in the employees. Some can be really good like they will save a lot of time that would be wasted in commute, they will be able to spend more time with their loved ones, they will save money they used to spend on commute, etc. But, on the other hand, there are many negative impacts as well.

Pre and Post Covid Work From Home

Before the Covid-19 Pandemic, Work from Home was a luxury or a privilege which was not experienced by everyone. While I was working as a contractor in my current company, I did not get to work from home. If I really needed to be somewhere on a work day and I could not take a day off, I had to put in a request to my manager to work from home. Since, we were not allowed to work from home, I used to be really hesitant to even put in a request. But once it would be approved, it would simply be the best working day of that week for me. Then later when I took up a full time position there, one of the benefits was work from home twice a week. For me it was one of the best things, as my commute was a long one. I used to be excited for the 2 days I would be working from home. It used to be a day for me to catch a little bit more on my sleep as I wouldn’t have to wake up early in the morning to catch the train or bus. After some time, I used to look forward to go to the office as well, since I would be able to meet my coworkers in person.

Life was going on, on a normal pace and all of a sudden, without any notice I had to start working from home. I started a week prior than the entire company because I was pregnant at that time. Initial days were pretty hard for me, I used to miss going to work and spending some good time with my coworkers/friends. Not knowing how bad the covid situation would be, and knowing that my coworkers were still going to work, I used to feel extremely sad at times. With time, I would say I kinda got used to the 100% work from home culture. Yet there are days I miss my cube, pantry, the break room, and my coworkers, the face to face interactions , discussions and many more things. Honestly, if given the opportunity, I would go to work at-least once a week.

The Good and The Bad

Like I stated earlier there are so many impacts of working from home. There are many positive impacts, which is really good, but there are several negative impacts as well. And, the negative impacts which are connected to the health of employees is the scary one for me. People start feeling lonely staying and working from home all day. There will be nothing to look forward to, as you will be home while working and even after you are done with your work. This can invite some unwanted mental health issues. Besides this, there can be some physical issues as well. If you have not positioned your monitor correctly, or if you sitting posture is not correct, you can have many health issues. Just staring on the screen for hours can be strenuous to the eyes. I myself had to change the power of my glasses, ofcourse the power increases. These are just some examples and personal experiences. There can be many more underlying health risks if people will be working from home for forever.

Let’s Hope for the Best

Let’s hope that there will be enough digging in on this topic- Work From Home. And companies will decide what is best for both- the company as well as the employees. As for the employees, we can utilize this time of working from home by investing time on new hobbies or old ones which we had to sideline due to other things in life. It is important to create positivity, especially when life is monotonous and there isn’t much to look forward to.

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