My WordPress Journey of 3 years


Today, when I woke up in the morning and checked my phone, I saw some notifications from WordPress. One of the notifications was for my third anniversary with WordPress. When I saw the notification, I thought of writing about my WordPress journey.

Three years ago today I registered on WordPress. So, it has been three years that I decided to start blogging. I started blogging out of interest, to do something different in life. To be honest, I did not start blogging out of passion or a hobby. Somehow, I always enjoyed writing, so that aided to this new journey.


3 years of WordPress Journey

These days I am very much involved in WordPress. Initially, I did write blogs now and then, but I wasn’t much consistent. As I was new to this world of WordPress, I was a little confused and was trying to explore WordPress. Besides this, there were many ups and downs in my health and personal life, due to which I was inactive in WordPress for some time. Somehow, three years have passed since I started blogging in WordPress.

Now that we are living in a midst of a pandemic, which by the way seems like forever, most of us have been staying home and trying to discover new things that might interest us. I have been staying for a year now. So, with so much time being spent at home, I have decided to devote some time to make my site a better place for people to come and enjoy some good content.

My website-

When I thought of blogging, I took some time to think of what should I write about. Many of us have an interest in topics related to beauty, and we want to know about different beauty products and want to know the opinion of other normal people like us. So, I came up with this plan of blogging on beauty. There is a famous saying- Health is Wealth, so health is also one of the topics which are useful. I wanted to provide some content on health. Also, I wanted to share my personal experience on health issues or procedures that I had come across. Then came lifestyle. I wanted to share my travel experience, my experience with different products, or my opinion on certain things.

This is how I decided that my blog would be a house of beauty, health, and lifestyle. And, with the selection of the name of my website, my journey with WordPress also started.

This is how the name of this website came up:

Be- Beauty

He- Health

Li- Lifestyle

The best thing that happened in my personal life in these 3 years of WordPress:

I became the mother of a wonderful little girl! Nothing can beat that for sure. (Also, she is the reason I have a lot of posts focused on babies)

I am thankful and grateful to each and every one of my readers and fellow WordPress bloggers for visiting my website and showering so much love. I personally have been able to learn so much from my fellow WordPress bloggers. I come across so my unique and informative content every day. If it was not for WordPress and my decision to start blogging I would not have gained so much information and knowledge that I have today.

Also, to the folks out there who are doubtful about blogging and WordPress, I suggest you brainstorm on what you want to provide in your posts and definitely use WordPress for fulfilling your dream of blogging. WordPress is open source, it is a great place to boom your business, and it provides blogging support.

Happy 3rd anniversary to me and Happy Blogging!!

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